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        Analytical Resource Center of St. Petersburg State University, "Centre for diagnosis of functional materials for medicine, pharmacology and nanoelectronics" is focused on the diagnosis and study of the properties of new functional materials, including used in medicine and medical technology, pharmacology, acoustic and microelectronics.


   The purpose of the Resource Center is to ensure the availability of expensive unique research equipment for many users, including staff of St. Petersburg State University and other interested persons in order to research a wide range of physical properties of polymers, biopolymers, disperse systems, liquid crystals, nanostructured composites and nano-complexes in solution and in the solid state.

 The main objectives of the RC: 

· Provide the ability to perform comprehensive research hydrodynamic, rheological, acoustic, optical, electrical, magnetic, dynamic and structural characteristics of the materials of synthetic and biological origin for all interested staff, undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral St. Petersburg State University

· Improvement of existing and development of new methods of diagnosis of functional materials, the training of engineering and research personnel.

        The structure of the RC will include two sections: "Molecular hydrodynamics, optics and spectroscopy," "Radio-spectroscopy and magnetometry." The first branch combines techniques of rheology, sedimentation, photon correlation spectroscopy, IR and UV spectroscopy, optical rotation and dichroism.

The main task of this department - the analysis of the chemical structure, the definition of the size of molecules and particles of the dispersed phase, molecular-mass characteristics of polymers and biopolymers, the study of optical activity of polymers and liquid crystals in solutions and melts.

The main task of the second department – the reearches of electrical, acoustic, magnetic and spin properties of polymers, biopolymers and nanocomposites of different nature by the methods of the dielectric and acoustic spectroscopy, magnetometry and NMR. This organization of the resource center will allow for the first time to conduct comprehensive studies of the properties of new materials at the molecular level, to obtain information about their supramolecular organization.

        The concept of creating the RC is based on years of experience of joint work carried out by the departments of chemical and physical faculties of St. Petersburg State University, and a number of laboratories, academic institutes, and a number of universities in the development and study of new biocompatible polymers, polymer antioxidants and anti-cancer drugs, materials and devices for display systems. Numerous scientific papers and monographs in the leading national and international journals with high citation index have been published by project participants. Also, they have been developed and improved methods to control electro-optical and acoustic properties of the substance. In addition, participants of the project have been received patents for the design of new materials.

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