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Location of Resource Centre


Resource Centre will be available on the 1st floor of the building "M" at the V.A. Fock Institute of Physics, St. Petersburg State University.  It will be available in rooms adjacent to the MRC. This arrangement will allow the RC to create a single modern research infrastructure of the two centers and, ultimately, will enable implementation of a comprehensive study of nanosystems, using microscopy techniques, optical and microwave spectroscopy, magnetometry, acoustics, and dielectric spectroscopy.  


            The total area of ​​  RC will be 461.7 sq. m. In this area will be located  seminars room(room 114), equipped with modern multimedia equipment. Employees workplaces (room 117) will be equipped with modern computer systems that have access to the Internet and the local RC network, which allows to obtain information on the progress of the experiment in remote access.  

To ensure the modern conditions of work, RC will be equipped with a lounge staff (room 116, 21.5 sq. m.), because the modern researches involves long hours and intense work of staff and, in some cases, work at night. RC office, which will host a meeting with users and discussion of the results will be placed in the room  115 (22 sq. m.). Office of the director of the Center supposed to be placed in the room 120 (22.9 sq. m.).  


            In order to ensure the modern level of the studying of polymers, biopolymers, bio and of dispersed systems, liquid crystals and nanocomposites, it will be set up complex of preparative modern equipment in the RC, including a work space with a water-soluble (room 106) and solvent-borne (room 105) systems . The following equipment will be available in the room 106 (22.1 sq.m): a fume hood, distillator, drying cabinet, preparative ultracentrifuge, refrigerator for storing samples. Room 105 (22.1kv.m.) will be equipped with a fume hood, preparative ultracentrifuge setting for the ultrasonic irradiation, drying cabinet, cupboard for storage of chemical RDA. reagents, a refrigerator for storing samples. 


            Equipment of "Molecular hydrodynamics and optics" department will be placed in the rooms 101, 107 and 111. The following equipment will be available in the room 101 (23.5 sq.m):  hood, analytical ultracentrifuge Optima XL1 and associated equipment - laboratory precision density meter DMA5000 M, high-mikroviscometer AMVn, analytical balance.


In room 107 (48.5 square meters) will be available spectral optical equipment designed to study water-and solvent-borne biological and synthetic systems.  


In the room.  111 (22.7 sq. m) will be placed equipment used to determine the size of molecules and particles of molecular weight and rheological properties of polymers and biopolymers: hood, Photocor Compact-Z, spectrophotometer, photon correlation spectrometer, rheometer Physica MCR501, refractometer DR-45. 


Equipment of "Rradiospectroscopy and magnetometry" department will be placed in rooms 102, 103, 104, 110, 112-113. Mes. systemPPMS-9, designed for accurate measurementof thermal conductivity,electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility ofmaterials will be availablein the room110 (22.8 sq.m) 


            The ultrasonic measurement system SNAP with a cryostat will be available in the room 102(16.9 sq.m) 


            Complex for acousto-optic measurements will be available in room102 (or 121). The complex will include a cryostat, and the laser He-Ne and the high-frequency generator. 


            NMR spectrometer Bruker Avance III 400 MHz and the complex Quadrasorb will be installed in the room104 (48.9 sq.m). 

             Complex of automated measurement of the magnetic properties of materials in a wide range of magnetic fields and temperatures MPMS SQUID VMS will be place din the room.103 (16.9 sq.m) 

            System for analysis of the dielectric properties of  materials Novocontrol and immittancemeter Solartron 1260A, and related equipment, will be placedin the rooms 112-113(34.5 sq.m) 

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