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 Dynamic light scattering instrument Photocor Complex 




Dynamic light scattering instrument Photocor Complex is designed for measuring the size of nanoparticles, diffusion coefficients and molecular weight of polymers.


Technical Parameters 


Particle size 

1 ... 5000 nm (it depends on the optical characteristics of the samples under investigation) 

Diffusion coefficient 

10-5 ... 10-10 cm2/s 

Molecular weight 

103 ... 1012 g/mol 

Scattering angle 

10° ... 150°, resolution 0.01°, accuracy 0.01°, stepper-motor controlled turntable 

Typical measurement accuracy 

± 1% (depending on the optical characteristics of the samples under investigation) 



Photocor instruments are based on the static and dynamic light scattering (photon correlation spectroscopy). This technique is ideal for measurements of nanoparticle size, diffusion coefficient, and molecular weight of polymers in solutions. A traditional design of the Photocor Complex is optimal for a wide range of applications: from simple industrial tests to the most advanced research tasks. Measurement procedure and powerful software are suitable for any level of users. 


The results of the measurements of latex particles (50 nm) in aqueous solution: 




Peak Num 











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